Setup ssh chat (an SSHd-based chat server) on OpenBSD

by Özgür Kazanççı · January 1st, 2021 · My OpenBSD Tutorials

Hey there. New year – first article. I’d like to talk about ssh-chat by shazow/Andrey Petrov, today. “ssh-chat” is a cross-platform, very interesting instant messaging chat daemon/SSH server, written in GoLang, giving opportunity to make private and group chats with other Linux/*BSD users over SSH.

Connecting to the port it listens, instead of a shell, you get a fancy, retro, IRC-like chat prompt, with actually really cool terminal color themes! So, once we launch it, what we’ll get is a chat prompt rather than a usual shell. Therefore it enables to chat securely over an SSH connection.

Here are the details on how I installed it on my OpenBSD VPS;

(Before you go all-through, you might wish to test it; just ssh into the hostname: on port 22 and see how beautifully it works there!)

First step ever: Bring your Puffy some love and always syspatch it! <3
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